Franklin Elementary Parent Teacher Group

2010 - '11

Open Committees 

2010 Holiday Event Chairperson/Committee - This is a new event for 2010-'11, we are looking for fresh ideas for an event that will be revamped.  This will be aposition for someone who enjoys the festivities of the holidays and you will have several interested parties that are ready to help out on this committee.

Event Photographer/Historian - This position would be responsible for making sure that pictures are taken at each event, collecting photos and getting them approved by the building principal for publication on the website and posting on the bulletin board.  Finally, this person would put all the photos together into the photo album.

Family Wellness Coordinator - This is a new position that can be shaped by the person who volunteers to take it on.  We are looking to have an advisor who will help integrate healthy options into our PTA events.  This person would also keep us informed on current Health Issues.

Market Day Coordinator - This person will need to promote Market Day, distribute order forms through the school office and collect /enter order information as necessary.  This person also already has some volunteers to help at the monthly sales. 

Membership Committee - Members of this committee will assist the chair in promoting and collecting memberships.  There is also the opportunity to create/execute an incentive program amongst the students with a reward for the classroom with the most PTA members.

On-site Volunteer Coordinator - This is a new position for someone who would be able to come to school and familiarize themselves with the PTA supplies and closet.  They would then attend the PTA events, welcome volunteers and answer the age-old questions such as, "Where is the...?" and "Do we have a ...?"

Reflections Coordinator - This person is expected to coordinate with the WAWM PTA Council Chairperson to plan and promote this art program.  It is promoted in early fall and runs through December when the entries are collected and forwarded to Council for judging.  There is follow up in January with rewards for the participants.   

 WA-WM PTA Council Delegate - This person would represent Franklin Elementary PTA at all  WA-WM PTA Council meetings and report back.  PTA Council meets the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm during the school year.

WA-WM PTA Council Carnival Coordinator - Our participation in this annual event is required, we need someone who could coordinate with the WA-WM PTA Carnival representative to plan our part in the carnival.

Website Communications Committee - Assist in updating the PTA website.

For more information on any of these positions or to offer your talents in another capacity, please contact our Family Involvement Coordinator, Deb Gast at 543-1825 or click  here to email her.


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